Your Story Matters

April 23 (Sat) & 24 (Sun), 2022

2021 Festival MC's


Russell Goodall

Russell Goodall is a Japanese interpreter / MC / narrator from New Zealand who started off as a TV director, and is today still involved in the TV & film industry. A fan of good films and a true fan of Star Wars since 1977. 


Hana Alexis Tanaka

Musical actress born in Seattle, raised in Tokyo.

Since graduating from SOPHIA University has been working in films, voice acting and as an English teacher.

2021 Schedule

10/2 (Saturday)

11:00AM – Doors Open

11:30 AM – Opening Ceremony/Screenings

  • Pay Phone  Yurugu Matsumoto(Japan)
  • 20dB Hiroyuki Nishiyama(Japan)
  • Honey & Lemon  Keiko Umenoki(Japan)
  • That Mother  Tomoya Itabashi(Japan)
  • The Music Box  Joe Chang(Canada)
  • The Bell  Ryusei Emi(Japan) 

Aida Chris Graham (America) Special Screening

1:50PM – 2:50PM Talk Event 1

3:00 PM – Screenings

  • An Old Man Lives In An Island Chih-Cheng Chang(Taiwan)
  • Slough Haruna Tanaka(Japan)
  • Tapioca Dairy Takashi Okado, Jon Cox(Japan)
  • Song Sparrow Farzaneh Omidvarnia(Denmark)
  • Chocolate Cake & Ice Cream Steve Cowden(USA)
  • Faleminderit  Nicolas Neuhold (Luxembourg)
  • Cat’s Home Shinobu Imao(Japan)

Ocha O Tsugu Tetsuo Shinohara (Japan) Special Screening

10/3 (Sunday)

10:15AM – Doors Open

10:30 AM – 11:30AM – Talk Event 1

(11:45 AM – 12:45PM Talk Event 2)

 12:00 PM – Screenings

  • Ice Ball Nathaniel Schmidt (Australia)
  • The Winter Xin Li (Australia) 
  • Little Wishes Masato Ozawa
  • Zealandia  Bruno du Bois (New Zealand)
  • Breath Hiroyuki Nishiyama (Japan)

2:00 PM – Screening

  • Lemmings Yosuke Sumi (Japan)
  • Gatcha Susan Huang, Stacy Moon, Nadya Sugiarto (USA)
  • Blue & Yellow Christopher Combs(Japan)
  • Lunch in the Bathroom Maiko Hamasaki (Japan)
  • Or, The Tiny Sound of War Tomomi Muraguchi (Japan)

4:15 PM – Closing Ceremony/Awards

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